Organigramme et unités de recherche

The Food Science Laboratory is led by a group of researchers working for the implementation of vision. The LSA has four types of members: full members, associate members, third members and honorary members. The m full ember is active researcher affiliated mainly performing their research activities to LSA and the majority of research in finance are domiciled there. The associate member is a full member of another laboratory which contributes significantly to the activities of the LSA without primarily domiciling its funding there. The third-party memberrelating to any person external to the LSA who has an interest in the activities of the laboratory and who expresses a desire to belong to the LSA. the honorary member is an eminent researcher having previously collaborated with the LSA and who is one of its resource persons. Apart from these confirmed researchers, the Alumni, any graduate who has been supervised by a member of the LSA and has conducted his research in the laboratory, are also considered as third-party members of the LSA.

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The LSA is managed by its director assisted by the deputy director and a manager in charge of administrative and financial affairs. The staff also consists of a visibility and communication officer and research unit managers. These research units are:

  • The unit for characterization and stabilization of endogenous products;
  • The sanitary quality management unit for processed products;
  • The technological incubation unit for optimized processes;
  • The product development unit inspired by market expectations and nutritional needs.