Laboratory of Food Sciences (LSA)

Focusing on traditional product and process valorization since 2005.

Our motto is to feed cities healthily and safely based on local agri-food know-how


Contribute to the transformation of agriculture through the development of agricultural and food resources to feed African cities, by training and development of sustainable and efficient technologies, based on local agribusiness and learning from endogenous agro-food know-how.


LSA partners with many national and international organisations to develop projects that combine research, innovation and technology transfer in the agri-food processing sector.


Our research highlights the diversity and richness of local agro-food know-how, the value-added products and processes developed, and opportunities of valorization of traditional products and processes.

Joseph Hounhouigan

Director of LSA

Full Professor of CAMES Universities

Biochemistry, Microbiology and Food Technology specialist with more than 30 years of experiences in agricultural research and support to agro-processing enterprises.


Flora Chadaré

Full member

Holds a PhD on the quality of baobab-derived foods at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. Food formulation and especially food fortification by food is a key link in its research


Yann Madode

Full member

Yann E. Madodé is a PhD from Wageningen University (Netherlands) since 2012. He used an interdisciplinary approach to study the traditional processing of cowpea with a view achieving food sovereignty.


We give priority to local products

We are convinced that it is relatively easier to make a well-known and improved product accepted than to introduce a completely new product. Completely new products require a lot of advertising and persuasion that local processors are not yet able to finance themselves.

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